Sandjake 2 / The Music Essentials

  1. Hi guys! Welcome to T.H.E – Music Essentials. You recently shot a new music video. How did that go?
    Hi! we are Sandjake, thanks for the interview, yes, we´ve just filmed a video, it was an incredible experience. We recorded it in Colombia with Chyno Miranda.  It was a Latin and Electronic mixed production.


  1. How did you meet, and what made you decide to team up and start Sandjake?
    Thanks to music, we met in a club in Madrid. We got to know each other and shared many ideas. We realized, that we had common dreams, so we decided to start the Sandjake project trying to get away from established, searching for new trends and sounds, because now, there are no limits in electronic music.


  1. Which Spanish producers would you say have inspired you, in your journey so far?
    We think in Spain there is a big level in production, we cannot choose one producer or a style. We have a good relation with Jose de Mara and Crusy and also, in Spain, we consider Danny Avila as a reference in electronic music. This year, he reached the 38th place at DJ MAG. In the urban scene there are also people like Alizzz, who is doing great tracks in the international scene. There is a lot of talent in Spain.


  1. Congratulations on your new release ‘Shine’. It has an interesting sound. Would we be fair in saying that this sound defines you, and this is what we can expect in the future as well?
    Well, it’s true that it’s a sound that defines us, but music is global! We’re not going to stay focused on the same style, since we like to explore all genres, cultures, etc.


  1. There’s also a remix by Steff de Campo. Why did you choose him to re-work the track?
    Steff da Campo is an electronic music reference worldwide. We met him thanks to a track called “make me feel”, a release in the label Hexagon. We found his sound quite interesting. That’s why we contacted him, for the choice of doing the remix. The truth is, the result is incredible.


  1. How is the dance scene in Madrid and where do you see it progressing?
    Anyone who has been to Madrid, knows that party can be found every day of the week, hahahahah. Dance scene is increasingly expanding, there are more festivals and more sessions with international DJ´s in clubs. DJ’s, clubs and local promoters are making a big work to promote Madrid scene. We recently hosted a party (Colors by Sandjake) where we invited CID. It was incredible to enjoy his music!


  1. Lastly, considering you guys have recently started your journey, what can we expect from you in 2019 & beyond?
    2019, comes full of surprises, collaborations and many new releases. It promises to be an incredible year. Beyond 2019, time will give us the answers… We know with effort and daily work we will do great things.

    Thank you very much for the interview, it has been a pleasure and we are sure we will see you soon!!